About Us

Hi!  Thank you for visiting our store to find ways you can make a difference to our environment, our planet by starting to use eco friendly products.  In our ever increasing world of pre-packaged products, our mission is to bring awareness to  the use of single use plastics. 

On our travels through Asia we were astounded by the  vast amount of single use plastic on pristine beaches.  Also while riding our scooters in the middle of nowhere, we would see lolly wrappers, water bottles just littering the roads.   I spent an hour one day standing in the water of this absolutely pristine tropical beach and collected a huge bag of of single use plastic that was just drifting by.  At that time we decided we had to try and make a difference in some way.  This bought us to where we are today with our shop and offering an alternative.  

You can make a small but vital difference by choosing to use re-usable products such as straws, lunch wrap, water or coffee cups and together we can make a difference to the health of our planet.


Kevin & Donna